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Shakespeare가 Hamlet

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Shakespeare가 Hamlet에 대한 글입니다.

Shakespeare가 Hamlet

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Shakespeare가 Hamlet에 대한 글입니다.

Penelope와 Klytaimnestra 사이에서 나온 Gertrude의 자리

......and most pitiful was the voice I heard of Prime`s daughter Kassandra, kill by treacherous Klytaimestra over me; ...... but the sluttish woman turned away from me and was so hard that her hands would not press shut my eyes and mouth though I was going to Hades ...... but she with thought surpassingly grisly splashed the shame on herself and the rest of her sex, on women still to come, even on the one whose act are virtuous. ......
...... And yet you, Odysseus, will never be murdered by your wife. The daughter of Ikarios, circumspect Penelope, is all too virtuous and her mind is stored with good thought. ......
From Agamemnon`s words, Book 11, Odyssey

현명하고 정숙한 아내 Penelope와 극악한 아내 Klytaimnestra, 이 둘은 아직까지도 사람들의 인식 속에 나누어져 있는 현모양처/악처의 모습을 대표하고 있다고 할 수 있따 그렇다면 Hamlet의 어머니인 Gertrude는 이 둘 중 어디에 속할까? 대부분의 독자들은 주인공 편이기에, Hamlet의 편을 들어 ‘나쁜 여성’ 이라고 이야기할 수도 있을 것이다.


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